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Disinfection Benidorm, quality services Guaranteed


Desinfecciones Benidorm, being a pioneer since its inception, offers the widest variety of services, with experience in the sector for 30 years, leading into a big business and experienced and qualified professional staff.

You can see the services we offer to our clients, obtain information, find out what their problems are, and kill them in order to support support your business or enjoy your home.

Result of the experience and innovation, Benidorm Desinfecciones appears to give a complet solution to all health problems of your business.

Desinfecciones Benidorm has three services areas:

  1. Disifection and hiperchlorination.
  2. Integrated pest control.
  3. Phisical-chemical and microbiological laboratory.



We offer an integrated pest control using the less agresive treatments for environment.

We execute most of the treatment with not toxics products (totally harmless for people and animals), but highlly efficients. For all that, we can execute the treatment at any time during the day.

Our Guarantee


All our treatments are GUARANTEED and CERTIFIED for the purposes of HEALH or any other government agency that requests it.

Our products are registered with the Directorate for Health and Work Systems under current law the Regional Ministry of Health and Consumption.